A company with a difference, who are burning with a passion to improve the lives of the poor in India.

DALIT GOODS CO was formed to raise awareness of the work of Life Association and the plight of the Dalit people of India. Life Association is a UK registered charity No. 1115262 who for 20 years have been building and managing schools and children's homes in India.

Dalit Goods are committed to the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in every area of their work.

In April 2021 the Ethical Shop took a large percentage of their 'fairtrade fund' and donated this to DALIT GOODS / Life Association, specifically to do with the terrrible situation on the ground regarding Covid 19. At the time, this is what they said on their website:

The second wave of Coronavirus is now spreading uncontrollably across India. The BBC recently called it a tsunami. You will no doubt have seen the daily news pieces, outlining the heart breaking statistics and stories. The ‘double mutation’ of the virus is leading to 300,000+ new cases every day. The death rate has now topped 200,000. The real numbers for both are likely to be much higher. Hospitals are overwhelmed and turning people away. Oxygen and medication are scarce. The funeral pyres are mounting.


We have seen here in the UK that vaccination is crucial to reducing infection rates and keeping the virus under control. Many in India will not be able to afford vaccination so working with our medical partners in south India we want to provide vaccines to some of the most vulnerable. We can offer you the chance to donate the cost of vaccines through our appeal.


As well as vaccination, there is also once again an urgent need to get food aid to the those who have been left unable to work, or whose incomes have been significantly reduced, due to the current situation. In India there is little by way of welfare state, so if people are not able to work and earn their daily salary, they are unable to feed themselves or their families. Our successful food aid scheme will be operating again in our partner projects, so you can also donate towards the cost of food packages.

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