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Grow Bars

A simple and easy way to grow flowers and plants in your garden or windowsill. Place the bar in a container in a sunny place, water regularly and wait until the seedlings are ready to pot or plant out.
Packaging dimensions: 240mm x 104mm x 15mm

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The Bee Bar
Bird Grow Bar
Butterfly Grow Bar
Edible Flowers Grow Bar
Gin Grow Bar
Indian Chef Grow Bar
Jane Austen Flower Bar
Tea Grow Bar
The Red Hot Bar
Strawberry Grow Bar
Tomato Grow Bar
William Morris Flower Grow Bar

The Growbar is made from coir – an eco friendly alternative to peat made from coconut fibre and comes in 100% recycled packaging. 

The Bee Bar - start growing: February - June

- Hyssop - has deep tubular flowers, well known as a Bee keeper's favourite. (Perennial)
- Catananche - displays an abundance of nectar-rich blue flowers that bees adore. (Perennial)
- Sweet rocket - has deep blue tubular flowers well-known as a bee-keeper's favourite. (Biennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-bee-growbar


The Bird Bar - start growing: March - June

- Sunflower Sun Gold - much-loved golden giants, which produce an abundant supply of seeds (annual)
- Echinops - vibrant spherical flowers for you and tasty seeds for the birds (perennial)
- Cornflowers - with its electrical blue petals is an integral part of the British cottage garden (annual)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-bird-growbar


The Butterfly Bar - start growing: March - June

- Red Valerian - produces fluttery butterflies with little purple flowers (perennial)
- Thyme Serpyllum - tempts fluttery butterflies with little purple flowers (perennial)
- Scabious - has purple flowers on long stems that butterflies find irresistible (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-butterfly-growbar


The Edible Flower Bar - start growing: February - June
Borage - makes the classic Pimms Cup garnish, beautiful floating in the glass or frozen into ice cubes. (annual)
Pot Marigold - flowers will impart a golden colour and peppery, citrusy taste to your cooking. (annual)
Viola Crown Blend - petals have a slightly sweet lettuce and grassy flavour. (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/edible-flower-growbar


The Gin Bar - start growing March - June.
Lemon Basil - brings a zesty zing to a classic G & T with a citrus aroma and mild anise flavour (annual)
Cucumber - has a clean green flavour adding a crisp, refreshing lift to any gin cocktail. (annual)
Wild Bergamot - its purple flowers make a pretty garnish and adds a strong spicy flavour to a lazy gimlet. (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-gin-bar


Indian Chef Bar - start growing: March - June

- Cumin - adds depth and warm, earthy tones to soup, curries and dhals. (annual)
- Coriander - every part of this aromatic herb is edible with a zesty flavour. (annual)
- Curry Chillies - are large long and slim with a fiery heat and can be used when green or vibrant ripe red. (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-indian-chefs-growbar


Jane Austen Flowers - start growing: March - June

Cornflower - with its electrical blue petals is an integral part of the British cottage garden. (annual)
Sweet william - adds vibrant colour and graced the shrubbery border of the Austen garden at Chawton. (biennial)
Mignonette - bears small, sweet scented flowers; Austen wrote to sister Cassandra about its progress in their garden. (annual biennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/jane-austen-flowers

The Red Hot Bar - start growing: February - May

- Jalapeno - will produce long, thin very pungent fruits. (Annual)
- Habanero - a fiery hot chilli with small fruits which will turn a pale orange when ripe. (Annual)
- Serrano - slightly hotter than jalapeno, serrano is dark green and will turn red when fully mature. (Annual)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-red-hot-growbar

The Strawberry Bar - start growing: March - June
Mignonette - an exceptionally sweet and aromatic alpine strawberry. (perennial)
Alexandra - a wonderful heritage variety that tastes and smells as a strawberry should. (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/wild-strawberry-growbar


The Tea Bar - start growing: February - June

- Camomile - use the pretty daisy-like flowers for a soothing brew (annual)
- Fennel - with a distinct aniseed flavour, fennel is excellent for the digestion (perennial)
- Peppermint - zingy and refreshing, peppermint is wonderful for relaxation and digestion (perennial)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/the-tea-growbar


The Tomato Bar - start growing: February - June

- Gardeners delight - a prolific variety, producing an abundance of flavoursome fruits. (Annual)
- Sweetie tomato (Outdoor Girl) - handsome little tomatoes with an exceptionally sweet flavour. (Annual)
- Yellow Pear - as the name suggests these tomatoes are golden yellow and pear shaped. (Annual)

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/tiny-tomato-growbar


William Morris Flowers - start growing: April - June

- Dianthus - commonly known as 'pinks', feature in the meandering florals of Morris's Pink and Rose 1890 wallpaper design.
- Larkspur - now known as delphiniums, inspired Morris's Larkspur wallpaper of 1874.
- Heartsease (Wild Pansy) - was used in a design for St. James's Palace.

More information: https://www.growbar.co.uk/growbars/william-morris-flowers-bar


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