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Organic Cotton

The Chetna Organic Farmers Association supply most of our fairly traded organic clothing and household items and we have been buying from them since they were formed in 2004 to help small scale cotton farmers. Since then it has grown from involving 240 farmers to up to 9000 farmers. In 2008 it became the first small farmers organisation in India to receive Fairtrade Certification from FLO who own the international FairTrade mark. Garments made from Chetna cotton are 100% certified Organic & Fair trade. The cotton is cultivated by small & marginal farmers without any use of child labor, synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs. Garments manufactured from Chetna cotton have a complete traceability down to the farmer’s field it emanated from. Benefits for you: - You'll be more content knowing the producers and the planet have been treated well. - Your cotton goods are free of allergy-causing toxic pesticides and insecticides. - You'll enjoy top quality goods from the expert Indian craftspeople at Rajlakshmi. Benefits for the producers and the planet: - Organic production means no toxic pesticides and insecticides are used in cotton growing. That means better health and less debt for the Indian farming families. - Traditional cotton growing uses about 60% of all toxic chemicals used in India, so moving to organic production makes a huge difference. - The organic cotton growing is certified by SKAL International. - The Chetna Organic Farmers Association is registered by FLO-International (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International) which ensures a fair price and conditions for the farmers. This FLO registration also ensures cotton production: - Is child-labour free - Is produced by small & marginal farmers - Is socially responsible for its farmers and farm-workers in the production chain - Is absolutely free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) - Cotton spinning is done in a factory that is ILO (International Labour Organization) compliant and also ISO 9001:2000 (quality management) certified. - The factories producing the final products are meeting all ILO requirements for their workforces (in fact they do better than ILO requirements, for example by providing primary and secondary education for the workers' children, and a revolving loan scheme for workers). - Whenever dyes are used the organic fabric dyeing process is SKAL certified Chetna Organics
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