Global Farmers' Market We are very excited to be working with gebana to bring you the Global Farmers' Market. Founded in 1998, gebana supports farmers in disadvantaged regions. They specialise in delivering first class organic foods direct from farmers to your doorstep.

Some items are dried, such as nuts and mangoes and these can be stored, picked and packed in the usual way.

Changing the rules:

Like us, you probably want more equity, more sustainability, and more quality at affordable prices. That’s why gebana are changing the rules of the game: they trade differently, you buy differently. This is how we all make it work:

gebana only harvest and deliver fruit when it is ripe. The taste is what counts above all; meaningless standards such as size and colour are of no concern.

In the case of oranges, dates and figs, you, the customer, order in advance and wait for the harvest time. That way you get products that are ripe and full of flavour. Nature decides the timing! Not everything is available all the time; products of nature come in their own time. By respecting this gebana avoid food waste as well as intermediate storage in refrigerators and heated greenhouses.

gebana sell in large packages that come directly from the country of origin. This is more efficient, reducing not only waste but also food miles. You, the customer, buy in larger quantities. By receiving large packages directly from the producers you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase, with shorter transport routes, lower emissions and less packaging. And you can always share the contents of bulk packages with friends and family...

gebana strive to keep getting better at doing business socially and ecologically – it doesn’t stop at organic and fair trade!