Values and causes

Crumbs by Ana Tewson Bozic

Written in the winding-down stages of a severe psychotic episode filled with manic delusions, this extraordinary story chronicles Julja’s relationship with drugs, family and friends.

Paperback. 64 pages
Publisher: Myriad Editions (2020)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-912408-40-5
Size: 16cm x 11cm

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Julja’s teenage games take a serious turn as she becomes inducted into a computer cult. The surge of dopamine in her brain connects her with psychic aliens and chemical conspiracies, sordid and secret. On this dark journey of discovery, she pops pills prescribed by Big Pharm and relinquishes all ties to her sanity as she attempts to reach a heaven full of voices and gods.
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ISBN 9781912408405
Manufacturer Myriad
Values and causes Myriad

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