NI536 - Abolition - March/April 2022

Despite pouring billions of dollars into increasingly militarized police forces and groaning prison systems, they are not keeping us safe. So, what could the world look like without them? This edition explores the visionary, but often misunderstood, movement for the abolition.

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This edition explores the long-standing movement seeking to abolish prisons, mass policing and the apparatus that supports them – while making them obsolete in the process. We hear from people around the world who are putting abolition into action by daring to think differently about justice and finding new ways to respond to, or prevent, harm and violence.

Elsewhere in this edition, Roxana Olivera gets embroiled in a legal tussle to try and get an abusive image of a child removed from the internet and Kieron Monks reports on Nigeria’s long quest to bring back the looted Benin bronzes.

84 pages.

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